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// Local Area Network

What is LAN ?

It is a type of computer network that is designed to connect devices within a limited geographical area such as an office building, school, or home. A LAN typically consists of a group of computers, printers, servers, and other devices that are connected together using Ethernet cables, Wi-Fi, or other networking technologies.

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Examples of LAN

IT Hardware & Network Services
  • Networking in home, office.
    Networking in school, laboratory, university campus.

  • Networking between two computers.

  • Wi-Fi (When we consider wireless LAN).

LANs can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Internet Connectivity

LANs can be used to provide Internet connectivity to devices connected to the network, enabling users to access the Internet and other.

Networked Applications

LANs can be used to run networked applications, such as shared databases or collaborative tools, that allow users to work together more efficiently.


Players connect their gaming computers or consoles to a LAN, in order to play LAN-compatible games with one another while congregating in the same space.