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patrolling camera setup

A patrolling camera setup is a type of video surveillance system that uses mobile or roving cameras to monitor large or open areas, such as parking lots, construction sites, or industrial facilities. The cameras are mounted on a movable platform, such as a robot, drone, or vehicle, and move around the area on a predetermined route, capturing video footage as they go.

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Use Of Patrolling Camera Setup

IT Hardware & Network Services

Patrolling camera setups are used for video surveillance in large or open areas that require continuous monitoring.

Advantages Patrolling camera setups

Wide coverage

Patrolling camera setups can cover large or open areas that may be difficult to monitor with fixed cameras.


Patrolling camera setups can be easily repositioned or redirected to respond to changing security needs.

Real-time monitoring

Patrolling camera setups can provide real-time monitoring of the area, allowing for immediate detection of security breaches or suspicious activity.

Reduced staffing requirements

Patrolling camera setups can reduce the need for human security personnel to monitor the area, reducing labor costs and minimizing the risk of human error.

Improved video quality

Patrolling camera setups can provide high-quality video footage from multiple angles and perspectives, providing a more comprehensive view of the area.